Wed. Mar 29th, 2023
Download Xiaomi March 2023 Security Update

We normally pay attention to upcoming phones but what happens to the old phones? Whenever a new device comes on the market its clock starts ticking. Every device has a certain life span and then goes into the End of Support list. Xiaomi also has this EOS list.

Xiaomi made a statement over some phones that they no longer get any Service center support. These phones are Mi 9 Transparent Edition, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro Premium, Mi 8 SE, and Mi 9 SE. These restrictions are made for China users but We don’t know how Xiaomi will provide support to the service centers globally. If you have any of these phones then you won’t get any hardware, display, battery, or other component repairs at the service center.

Mi 8 SE and Mi 9 SE are already on the Xiaomi EOS list means they won’t get any software updates related to phones, not even monthly security updates.

After the device came to the End of Service Center support list Company stops manufacturing their spare to release some workload and focus more on the new phone. We didn’t get any news for the other regions on how Xiaomi deals with these phones.


Xiaomi EOS

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