Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
Xiaomi Gallery Editor

Xiaomi Gallery Editor is a tool that comes with the Gallery app. Gallery app is the app where we can see all our photos and videoes. While on another side if we want to edit our photos and videos then we can use this Editor.

What is Xiaomi Gallery Editor?

Gallery Editor provides all the ready-to-use tools. To edit photos we can use different options like Beautify, Crop, Filter, Adjust, Sky, Erase, Striker, Doddle, Text, Frame, Mosaic, and others. These tools play different in editing. Most of the time filtering and Adjusting do the trick. But if you want to add something to the photo then use Doddle and text. If you want to hide some details from the photo then use Mosaic.

In the case of Video editing, we can use Effect, Trim, Filter, Audio, watermark, and others. Trim is used when we need a particular part of the video. Other options also help make the video unique and we can even add a watermark to it.

[March 03, 2023]

Xiaomi Gallery Editor grabs the latest update that is identified via a build number V1. and its file size is 151.1 MB. This version is only accessible by Chinese users and may not work on Global ROM.

Going by the changelog, This new update will optimize the Gallery Editor and improves performance.

  • Xiaomi Galley Editor V1. – Download


  1. Gallery editor performance has been optimized, bugs fixed and user experience improved.

[February 22, 2023]

Xiaomi Gallery Editor app received a new upgrade with version number V1.0.1.23 and its file size is 195.4 MB. This version is available in the China region.

According to the changelog, This update will optimize the performance of the app in order to enhance users’ experience.

  • Xiaomi Galley Editor V1.0.1.23 – Download


  1. Gallery editor performance has been optimized, bugs fixed and user experience improved.

[January 09, 2023]

Xiaomi Gallery Editor gets a new update with version number V0. and a file size of 147.3 MB. It brings some new filters, removes the shadow functions from food, and fixed some known bugs.

  • Xiaomi Galley Editor V0.


  1. Fixed known issues.
  2. Body Editing (Xiaomi 10/11 Series, Redmi K30/40 Series).
  3. Shadow removal function from food (Xiaomi 10/11 Series, Redmi K30/40 Series, Pad 5 Series, MIX Fold Series).
  4. Added Some filters.
Xiaomi Gallery Editor

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