Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Xiaomi GetApps

MIUI ‘GetApps’ is a pre-installed app for Xiaomi devices. It’s an alternative to the Play Store to download apps. GetApps is more secure because it scans the app before installing it into your phone. It’s more helpful for Chinese users that want Google Play Store without downloading the Google installer APK.

GetApps contains all the useful apps that we need on our devices. It scans for viruses in the apps before installing them into our phones which makes it more secure.

[March 19, 2023]

The March 2023 update of Xiaomi GetApps is now available that comes with a firmware version V27.0.1.0 and weighs 33.3 MB. This particular build is released for Global users.

According to the changelog, Previous version bugs have been fixed which will enhance the overall performance and stability of the app beside no other changes are part of this update.


  1. We improved stability and performance, as well as fixed some bugs.

[November 12, 2022]

Xiaomi GetApps is started to receive the new update that comes with the build number V4.99.6 and its download package size is around 37.6 MB. Apart from fixing some bugs, no other changes are mentioned in the changelog.


  1. Fix some bugs.

[October 25, 2022]

Xiaomi is providing a new update to GetApps that increases the stability of the app, and also improves its performance of the app. The latest version of this app is V24.8.1.0 which is out for download.

When Xiaomi made it public you probably got a notification of this update and when you click on that notification you can download the latest update and install it.

But if you missed the notification then there is a way to get this new update, download the APK file and install the file. There is a link to download the APK file. Its download size is 26.2 MB which normally takes a few minutes to download. After downloading, look for the file and install it now your GetApps is up to date.


  • We improved stability and performance, as well as fixed some bugs.
Xiaomi GetApps

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