Wed. Mar 29th, 2023
Download Xiaomi March 2023 Security Update

Xiaomi manufactures Android-based smartphones and is known throughout the world. They provide premium phones, mid-segment phones, and affordable phones. Xiaomi also keeps there focus on the app’s development and updates. In the present time, where sharing data and information is so easy but risky. To secure it Xiaomi provides security patches on the regular basis. Through this article, we are providing a download link to the March 2023 security update for Xiaomi, POCO, and Redmi devices.

Most of the time we use the internet to exchange information through phones and even carry personal as well as professional data into our phones. To secure them security patches were created. Xiaomi provides these monthly updates to increase the system’s security and stability till the phones get to the End of Support (EOS) list.

Normally users get the notification for these updates but if missed somehow this article is for you. As the Xiaomi, Redmi & POCO phones will receive the Match 2023 security patch We will update the list.

Download Xiaomi March 2023 Security Update

DeviceVersionRecoveryOTA Update
Redmi 10AV12.5.10.0.RCZMIXM (Global)DownloadOTA Apply for V12.5.9.0
Redmi 10AV12.5.8.0.RCZIDXM (Indonesia)DownloadOTA Apply for V12.5.7.0
Redmi 10AV12.5.8.0.RCZEUXM (EEA)DownloadOTA Apply for V12.5.7.0
Redmi Note 10 5GV13.0.6.0.SKSIDXM (Indonesia)Download
POCO M4 Pro 5GV13.0.5.0.SGBRUXM (Russia)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.4.0
Redmi Note 11S 4G / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.8.0.SKEMIXM (Global)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.7.0
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.3.0.SGDTRXM (Turkey)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.2.0
POCO M4 Pro 5GV13.0.5.0.SGBMIXM (Global)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.4.0
Redmi Note 10V14.0.2.0.SKGMIXM (Global)DownloadOTA Apply for V14.0.1.0
Redmi Note 10T 5G / POCO M3 Pro 5GV13.0.7.0.SKSINXM (India)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.6.0
Redmi A1 / POCO C50V13.0.10.0.SGMEUXM (EEA)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.8.0
Redmi A1 / POCO C50V13.0.9.0.SGMRUXM (Russia)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.7.0
Redmi A1 / A1+ / POCO C50V13.0.9.0.SGMINXM (India)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.7.0
Redmi A1 / POCO C50V13.0.7.0.SGMIDXM (Indonesia)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.5.0
POCO F4 GTV14.0.2.0.TLJMIXM (Global)DownloadOTA Apply for V14.0.1.0
Redmi 12C / POCO C55V13.0.6.0.SCVEUXM (EEA)Download
Redmi 10 / Redmi 10 2022V13.0.9.0.SKUIDXM (Indonesia)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.8.0
Redmi 10 / Redmi 10 2022V13.0.5.0.SKURUXM (Russia)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.4.0
Redmi 10 / Redmi 10 2022V13.0.4.0.SKUTRXM (Turkey)DownloadOTA Apply for V13.0.3.0
Download Xiaomi March 2023 Security Update

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