Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
MIUI Launcher app

Xiaomi devices come with two variants of their own launchers called Stable and Alpha also known as the MIUI System Launcher app which is updated on a regular basis. Because of its attractive but user-friendly interface, it is in use throughout the world.

It provides different kinds of customizable options like adding a useful widget on the home screen etc. It creates more trust because of Xiaomi’s product. Xiaomi updates its apps such as MIUI System Launcher, Mi Music, Gallery, etc on a regular basis to provide better features and improve performance.

[March 31, 2023]

Xiaomi has released a new update to MIUI Launcher App which comes with firmware number V4.39.9.6264-03172039 and its file size is around 23.3 MB.

As usual, this latest update increases the overall performance and stability of the app and fixes a few known bugs affecting the user experience besides no additional changes are mentioned in the official log.

  • MIUI System Launcher V4.39.9.6264-03172039 – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[March 16, 2023]

The March 2023 update of the MIUI Launcher App is now available that is identified via the software version V4.39.9.6176-03031708 and its download package size is 24.7 MB.

As mentioned in the changelog, the update adds a point where you can select two options between opening Search and opening the Notification/Administration Center just by swiping down.

  • MIUI System Launcher V4.39.9.6176-03031708 – Download


  1. An added point where you can select an action by swiping down
    • Open Search
    • Open the Notification/Administration Center
  2. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[February 02, 2023]

MIUI Launcher app got a new update with build number V4.39.9.5991-01301802 and its file size is 22.4 MB. This version may not work on Global ROM.

Previous bugs have been removed which improves performance, no other changes or features are mentioned in the changelog.

  • MIUI System Launcher V4.39.9.5991-01301802 – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements

[January 15, 2023]

MIUI Launcher app received the latest update with version number V4.39.9.5990-01111806 and its file size is 22.4 MB. This update is available in China.

Going by the changelog, added Monet Icons support, and Previous bugs have been fixed which brings improvement.

  • MIUI System Launcher Update V4.39.9.5990-01111806 – Download


  1. Added Monet Icon support internally.

[January 03, 2023]

To keep up the brand name, Xiaomi creates all types of apps to provide the best Smartphone experience. Similarly, Xiaomi creates updates to ensure their proper working as well as adding more features to make apps more convenient. MIUI System Launcher received a new update with firmware version V4.39.9.5963-01031422 with a file size of 22.4 MB.

According to the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed that bring improvement to the system. Apart from that, a New folder option of 2×2 with icons 3×3 was added for MIUI 14 only.

  • MIUI System Launcher Update V4.39.9.5963-01031422 – Download


  1. Add Folders 2×2 with icons 3×3.

The main reason for its success is, that Xiaomi continuously works on its improvement and provides updates regularly to improve the overall performance, looks, and accessibility, maintain simplicity, and add more useful features.

MIUI Launcher app

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