Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Android 14 Features

At the I/O Conference 2023, Google revealed some new features of Android 14 through Beta 2 build for developers to experience these upcoming features and give feedback to the company about them.

We are sharing a few new features and improvements so far. From what we’ve seen, Android 14 looks like a small upgrade over its previous version, with no major changes. Before we can make any judgment, we have to wait for the stable build.

Android 14 Features

Android 14 going to support 10-bit high dynamic range (HDR) images. The Ultra HDR format is now compatible with JPEG. Social media apps like Instagram will support Night mode and 10-bit HDR mode.

To improve low-light photos, the camera app uses compute intensive algorithm. Upgrades to camera extensions, so Camera apps can handle longer processing time. Extension-supported devices can tap to focus and zoom.

Android 14 gives users more control of their data by introducing Health Connect. This feature allows users to control what share data between different apps. It will be helpful in restricting data abuse.

A Google massage service called Magic Compose works on generative Al. It offers suggestions regarding the context and you can even change the writing styles.

Lossless USB audio is also supported in Android 14 and Google is working with OEM partners to enable this feature in devices later this year.

The lock screen is now more customizable, you can add new shortcuts or add different designed clocks. New monochrome themes can be applied to the entire phone interface.

It will be available for Pixel devices next month with new wallpapers based on emojis, patterns, and colors. By Cinematic wallpaper, using on-device machine learning can create photos into 3D wallpaper.

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Android 14 Features

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