Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Mi Calendar App

Xiaomi provides all types of necessary apps on their devices, one of them being the Mi Calendar App. It is very useful in our daily life, except for showing the date & day, users can set different types of events and appointments.

You can add events like birthdays, anniversaries, and countdowns. Add other details like name or couple name. Set a reminder that will remind you of the event, you can adjust the reminder date and time.

Similarly, you can put your daily routine or meetings, so you don’t miss any. It’s very useful to manage time with proper detailing. You can use jump to date to recall the previous events.

You can choose the style of your calendar, and in what way you want to see your calendar, you can choose month, week, day, or events. When you chose a month, it shows the whole month on your screen, the same on a weekly and daily basis but the event is different, it shows today’s events and upcoming events. The event style shows all the nation and important days on your calendar.

[May 17, 2023]

May 2023 update for the Mi Calendar App is now available with the firmware version V13.13.3.1 and its download size is around 27.2 MB. This build works on All ROMs including China.

Mi Calendar App New Widgets

According to the changelog, the update bring new widgets and fixed previous version bugs as well as issues to make it perform more seamlessly.


  1. New widgets added.
  2. Bug fixes and improved app stability.

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Mi Calendar App

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