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POCO Launcher 4.0

Redmi and POCO are sub-brand of Xiaomi, but what makes them different is their User interface and Launcher. POCO Launcher is very famous among users. The latest version of POCO Launcher is 4.0 which is exclusive to POCO devices and may not work on other phones.

This POCO Launcher 4.0 brings new features like home screen animation, app drawer animation, and removed icon support and they also improve the system. What makes it special, this Launcher can only be installed on POCO smartphones.

[May 25, 2023]

May 2023 update for the POCO Launcher 4.0 App is now rolled out with the software version V4.39.7.6059-05082006 and its updated package size is about 23.0 MB. This build works on Global ROMs.

The update now brings a bolder look to Toggle buttons. It also improves the overall performance and stability of the app as well as fixes some known bugs affecting the user experience.


  1. Toggle buttons are now in a bolder look.
  2. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[April 21, 2023]

POCO Launcher 4.0 App is now getting the latest update that is identified via firmware number V4.39.7.5973-03291206 and weighs 24.0 MB. This version works only on POCO devices, If you have any issues then uninstall the update.

According to the changelog, the update resolves a few issues as well as brings optimization and performance improvements besides no major changes are part of this version.


  1. Bug fixes.
  2. Optimization and performance improvements.

[March 06, 2023]

The March 2023 update for POCO Launcher 4.0 is available with a build version V4.39.5.5857-01172026 and its download package size is 23.9 MB.

As mentioned in the changelog, Previous issues have been resolved in order to improve the app’s performance and stability.


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[January 29, 2023]

To improve the older versions Xiaomi creates all sorts of updates. These updates are released on a daily and weekly basis. POCO launcher 4.0 get new upgrades on a regular basis.

Its new update with version number V4.38.1.5544-01031124 is available for the POCO users and its file size is 23.7MB. This update is released for Global users.

According to the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed that improve performance.


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[October 20, 2022]

POCO conducted a Satisfaction Survey for the POCO Launcher App in their community. To know the user’s opinion of this Launcher. To make it better, provide answers to the question honestly. This type of survey provides sufficient data to make things better by removing errors.

If you want to communicate with the higher authority, users have to provide their email addresses. If you want to contribute to this survey by giving your thoughts on POCO Launcher use the link given below.

Join Survey – Link


[September 22, 2022]

POCO has rolled out the new update for POCO Launcher that comes with the build number V2.7.4.39 and the size of this updated package is 26.9 MB. This update of POCO Launcher provides some bug fixes as well as it also enhances the performance and improves the fluency of the device. We are providing its changelog and download link which is down below.

POCO Launcher is a lightweight Launcher as compared to other Launchers. It provides freedom to the user to customize it as they like. It gives so many options in this field. You can make a group and add different kinds of apps like Social, Entertainment, Music and etc. You can adjust the size of app icons and groups that you made, and also able to adjust the layout of the Home screen in different ways.

You can also customize wallpapers, themes, and animation at some point as you like and enjoy them on your display. You can organize a group of apps that are more important to you and name them to use them easily. Adjust the transparency of the app drawer to create the more clear look.


  1. We fixed some bugs in this version.
  2. Optimize performance and improve fluency.

Note: If you have installed the Beta version then no need to install this update.

POCO Launcher 4.0

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