Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

WhatsApp is one of the most famous online messaging apps. Today WhatsApp announced a feature that is going to add in-app and is called shareable Call Links, as the name suggests it creates a link of call which you can send to other people to join in.

You will find an option, create a video link below the call tab then you can send this link to your family and friends to join the video call. This Call links will be released soon then we can use them. These shareable Call links feature work for everyone who’s on WhatsApp. It doesn’t seem like a useful right but it is a useful upgrade.

The call link is not that new in all ways. But when it comes to WhatsApp it changes the story. WhatsApp has huge uses all over the world. Through this people can join Calls without any problem. Read More MIUI 14 might come with these New Features

Call Links are still under observation, might take at least a week for lunch. Testing is going on to make it error-free for the users so they can use it easily. Secured encrypted video calling for up to 32 persons has been tested. In April WhatsApp announced an extended group call feature. They are releasing it for limited users for now.

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