Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Xiaomi April 2023 Update Download

After the release of the MIUI 14 Official logo, things are getting exciting. The company didn’t make any other official statement about its arrival. But some of their executives started talking on this topic like this new MIUI 14 upgrade will be more lightweight and stable as compared to the previous. Well, it is natural to improve over time and increase the ability. They are discussing their OS on the online platform Weibo and shared some screenshots with them.

Previously we have seen all kinds of pre-installed apps on the phone either first or third-party. The company planning to remove some of these apps and contain only useful pre-installed apps to increase the performance of the device. Xiaomi creates different ROM for China as compared to other regions like India, Russia, and others. We are still expecting its launch next month.

They also talked about the previous versions by the point of the improvement they made in that year after MIUI 12. Comparing the launch with MIUI 14 with past MIUI, it should be available with Android 12 and Android 13. Xiaomi may launch this update this year but the full-scale release will take time means we have to wait to get our hands on MIUI 14 in 2023. We will get the info as time pass.


MIUI 14 stable

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