Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
MIUI 14 features

Its already been more than two weeks since MIUI 14 Officially launched in China. Previously we have seen some of the new features added to the MIUI 14 like ‘Super Icons’ and ‘Pets & Plants’. Now we are getting more information on MIUI 14 functions.

This information shows some detailed ways on the below feature and other functions that are present in MIUI 14 function list.

MIUI 14 Features

Photon Engine

The new thing in this upgrade is the Photon engine which will optimize the system stability and increases fluency by 88%, it also lowers the power consumption by 16%.

Normally the apps provided by the company and those that are available on the play store run smoothly on the phones but when we use some 3rd party apps then things changes, to increase their performance company uses this technology which will help them to run smoother and faster.

Size Changeable Icons

We are hearing about Super Icons since they came into the market, it allows users to resize the app icons present on their phone. With the help of this feature, we can change the size of the icons, for example, if we use certain apps more often then we can increase their icon size to recognize them easily. One more thing doing this thing on a phone looks different and more unique.

Pet & Plants

In the case of Pets & Plants which is very new to Xiaomi users, it allows users to put a Pet or Plant on the right side of the home screen and when we tap on it, it shows some animation that looks cool on the phone’s screen.

  • New advanced search settings and new uniform icons.
  • New privacy protection interface that shows us that all our personal information will be stored on the device instead of in the cloud.
  • New option to accelerate the network with mobile data when the Wi-Fi network is low.
Source – MIUIes
  • Now we can add more extensions of RAM.
Source – MIUIes
  • The factory reset interface of the phone has been updated.
Source – MIUIes
  • The information cards of the Time application have been updated.
  • Bluetooth now allows us to disconnect all devices from the control center for a day and it is now possible to remove the icon from the status bar.
MIUI 14 features

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