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WhatsApp new features

In 2023, WhatsApp is going to introduce several new features like PIP mode for video calls in iPhones, view once text, Companion mode, and search messages by date.

Some of these features are under beta testing and soon be available for the public. In the present time, WhatsApp is the most famous instant massaging app used by users from all over the world. To keep up their name they introduced more features as well as increased the Security of our data.

WhatsApp New Features in 2023

PIP (Picture in picture) for Video calls

This feature allows the user to be On the call while doing other things. This feature opens a small window that can be dragged anywhere on the screen.

View once text

We all know about the view once a feature of Whatsapp, through this feature receiver is only able to see the message only once and after some time massage deletes itself. View once available for media and soon be released for text.

Companion Mode

This feature will allow users to link and sync the data of multiple devices while using Whatsapp on different devices at the same time. Currently, we are not able to do this with Whatsapp.

Search message by date

This feature will help us to find the exact conversation through a specific date.

Voice note on the status

Currently, we are able to put text, photos, and videos on status but after this update, we can use voice notes as status too.

Lock for WhatsApp desktop

To protect personal data, Whatsapp going to add a lock for the desktop version. Currently, the lock works on Android and iOS-based devices.

Call tabs for WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp now going to add a separate call tab in the desktop version.


WhatsApp new features

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