Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Malware affected Android apps

We are sharing very informative and helpful news for smartphone users, that some Android apps is containing malware. If we count the apps then it goes up to 100. This time now, 38 Android apps came to light that is affected by malware, it is confirmed by McAfee.

The main problem is most of these apps are present in the Play Store to download. Most of them are game apps that are copies of popular games like Minecraft. Their downloads get up to 10 million+. These apps could harm you in different ways.

After installing and using these types of apps the Goldoson virus activates and installs a hidden app into your phone. These hidden apps then collect your sensitive data. These apps run smoothly, so probably won’t notice them.

The main problem lies with their hidden ads system. Currently, the affected users belong to the United States, Canada, Korea, and Brazil. We recommend users uninstall these apps and then delete all the files related to apps. Google also taking action and removing these types of apps from Play Store. We are sharing a list of 38 Malware affected Android apps below.

  • Block Box Master Diamond
  • Craft Sword Mini Fun
  • Block Box Skyland Sword
  • Craft Monster Crazy Sword
  • Block Pro Forrest Diamond
  • Block Game Skyland Forrest
  • Block Rainbow Sword Dragon
  • Craft Rainbow Mini Builder
  • Block Forrest Tree Crazy
  • Craft Clever Monster Castle
  • Block Monster Diamond Dragon
  • Craft World Fun Robo
  • Block Pixelart Tree Pro
  • Craft Mini Lucky Fun
  • Block Earth Skyland World
  • Block Rainbow Monster Castle
  • Block Fun Rainbow Builder
  • Craft Dragon Diamond Robo
  • Block World Tree Monster
  • Block Diamond Boy Pro
  • Block Lucky Master Earth
  • Craft Forrest Mini Fun
  • Craft Sword City Pro
  • Block Loki Monster Builder
  • Block Boy Earth Mini
  • Block Crazy Builder City
  • Craft Sword Vip Pixelart
  • Block City Fun Diamond
  • Craft City Loki Rainbow
  • Craft Boy Clever Sun
  • Block City Dragon Sun
  • Craft Loki Forrest Monster
  • Lokicraft: Forrest Survival 3D
  • Craft Castle Sun Rain
  • Craft Game Earth World
  • Craft Lucky Castle Builder
  • Craftsman: Building City 2022
  • Craft Rainbow Pro Rain
Malware affected Android apps

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