Tue. May 21st, 2024
Android 14 accessibility options

Android 14 is on its way for users to bring lots of new features in its latest OS. This list of Android 14 features includes Material You with new theming and color palette options.

Google introduced, Material You with Android 12. It allows users to apply new themes and animation to their phone’s screen. It creates a better look on the phone using skin similar color to app icons.

The latest information says that Google is planning to add a new color palette in Material You of the Android 14 version. A newly styled theme called Fidelity will bring bold colors to you.

This feature is not available in Android 14 Beta yet. After digging into internal codes, and finding out about the new tweak. It shows the appearance of this feature on your phone’s display.

The design team from Google shared a video on Twitter, that shows some concept art for the Android home screen widget for Fitbit. This video clearly shows some new and bold color palettes with Material You. It’s just an early preview of the Fidelity style of Material You.

The Material You feature fills your phone in the baseline color of the wallpapers that you put on the home screen, whether it’s hot pink, lime green, red, or jet black it all appears in your theme.

While using a dark mode, your primary color remains the same but other things change to create a look. In normal cases, you might not like it, when you use dark wallpaper but enter into the dark mode it starts to blend accordingly.


Android 14 Material You

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