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Xiaomi screenshot app

Xiaomi provides all the necessary features and tools to their devices. One of the important tools is ‘The Xiaomi Screenshot app’. It creates an image of the content that is on the screen at that time.

What is Xiaomi Screenshot App?

To take a screenshot we have to follow some gestures that depend on the phone. But there are two most common ways to do that you have to slide the three fingers on the screen from top to bottom or use the screenshot button which is located in the notification bar.

After taking a screenshot it gives options like send, scroll, or edit it using different tools. Scroll helps in creating an image of the content present on the screen to the bottom of the page. While editing the image we can use tools like crop, when we need a certain part of the image. Use a highlighter to mark points using different color options. If we want to hide some details then we can use the Blur option. Use send option if you want to share your screenshot with someone.

[May 22, 2023]

The May 2023 update for the Xiaomi Screenshot app has rolled out with the build version V1.4.56-05121411 and its download size is around 12.8 MB. This firmware works on All ROMs including China.

The update does not include any new features or changes to the app but it resolves some common issues and improves application stability to make it better than before.


  1. Bug fixes and improved app stability.

[January 07, 2023]

The Xiaomi Screenshot app gets a new update with version number V1.4.34-12151541 and weighs 13.4 MB. According to the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed to improve performance.

  • MIUI Screenshot App Update V1.4.34-12151541 – Apkmirror


  1. Bug fixes.
Xiaomi screenshot app

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