Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
Android 14 new physical keyboard shortcuts

As we all know Google is working on Android 14, it will bring a lot of improvement and one of those new features includes a list of physical keyboard shortcuts. If you use a Xiaomi tablet with a keyboard accessory, you may perform more actions using shortcut keys with MIUI 15 in the future. Android is the world’s most famous OS, and because of that users expect more. This time company is more focused on big-screen devices like tablets and foldable phones.

Android 14 is still in its Beta version to let the users experience new features before the stable firmware, because of that tipster Mishaal Rehman spotted new keyboard shortcuts in Android 14 Beta 2.

Android 14 New Physical Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts going to be useful for users who like to use the keyboard on their tablet. This new menu offers 34 shortcuts to address 29 separate functions. These functions are put into three groups- System, input, and Open apps.

Android 14 new physical keyboard shortcuts

A search bar to shift through options. In stock Android devices keyboard shortcuts are found by following the path Settings- SystemKeyboardPhysical keyboard. The shortcuts key and their functions are mentioned below.

Android 14 new physical keyboard shortcuts
Sign in to the notification areaSearch + N
Capture a screenshotSearch + Ctrl + S
Open the list of shortcutsSearch + /
BackSearch + ~ | Search + Backspace | Search + Left Arrow
HomeSearch + H | Search + Return
Open/Recent AppsSearch + Tab
Scroll to recent apps (forward)Alt + Tab
Scroll to recent applications (back)Alt + Shift + Tab
Search in the launcherSearch
Show/hide TaskbarSearch + T
SettingsSearch + I
Google AssistantSearch + A
Lock screenSearch + L
Quick memoSearch + Ctrl + N
Split screen with current app on the rightSearch + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Split screen with current app on the leftSearch + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Split screen to full screenSearch + Ctrl + Up Arrow
Move open app to split screenSearch + Ctrl + Down Arrow
Change input language (next)Ctrl + Space | Search + Space
Change input language (previous)Ctrl + Shift + Space | Ctrl + Search + Space
Open assistant appSearch + A
Open browser appSearch + B
Open calculator appSearch + U
Open calendar appSearch + K
Open contacts appSearch + C
Open email appSearch + E
Open maps appSearch + M
Open the music appSearch + P
Open SMS appSearch + S

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Android 14 new physical keyboard shortcuts

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