Thu. Apr 11th, 2024
Android 14 Device As Webcam

The development of Android 14 is going well, and slowly we are receiving more details about its new improvements and features. Now with the latest information, Google is working on a new feature of Android 14 that is going to be handy for PC users because it makes a device camera work as a webcam and it could be introduced in MIUI 15 in the future.

Brands are working day and night to create new technology and provide it to their users. This webcam feature is a result of that hard work because it going to allow users to use their smartphone camera as a webcam. It can be very useful for PC users.

Android 14 Device As Webcam feature

For a long time, we were using the camera of the phone for photography and videography. After technological advancement, we started using them for video calling, AR-related work, etc. This new webcam feature will add a new usage of the camera.

Mishaal Rahman shared a glimpse of this webcam feature which is found in the code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) but Google didn’t show anything on it and Pixel devices didn’t get this feature in their Beta updates. But we are hoping for Google to add this ‘Device As Webcam’ feature in the Android 14 Stable release.

Conditions for using phones as a webcam

There are some requirements, that need to be fulfilled to use a webcam, it should support UVC(USB Video Class) standard, which means the device kernel must be compiled with a specific configuration (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_F_UVC=y), which allows the phone to send camera frames to a /dev/video* node on which a UVC compatible webcam host device can operate.

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Android 14 Device As Webcam

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