Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Android 14 battery health

iPhone has a battery health feature, which is very useful for users. Now with Android 14, Google going to bring new changes that may show you a more detailed view of battery health statistics to Android devices and tablets.

The new BatteryManager API of Android 14 offers more options like detailed information on battery status, battery charging cycle count, charging policy, date of first use, and manufacture date. Currently, these APIs are only accessible in Pixels devices that are running on Android 14 Beta 2 or newer.

Android 14 includes a more detailed view of battery health statistics

All these data related to the battery depending on the capability of charging IC (integrated chip) and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). Because of that the accuracy of the data may differ. The better the IC the better information you will get on battery status.

We are sharing an image that shows battery health using an app called Batt that uses BatteryHealth APIs. It is expected that Xiaomi will use these new APIs of Android 14 based on MIUI 15 in the future to represent more accurate data on battery health on their smartphone and tablets.


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Android 14 battery health

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