Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Android 14 lock screen clock customization

Android 14 is on its way, Google will bring a lot of improvements and new features, one of which is lock screen clock customization. This feature was first introduced with Android 10 in 2019, but due to some reason, the company canceled its implementation.

Currently, we are able to apply different wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen but through Android 14 we can customize the lock screen to the next level.

Android 14 Screen Clock Customization

Android 14 Beta only allows users to apply a single clock style. But the company revealed other lock screen clock designs in the Google I/O event. This means more options are on their way. According to sources, we will see these changes in the upcoming Android 14 Beta 3 update.

After this update, users will be able to change the clock style, color to match the wallpaper and size. You can choose from Dynamic and Small as size. Just Go to Settings – Display – Lock screen.

The lock screen clock customization will be available in Android 14 Beta 3, and it is expected to be released next month.


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Android 14 lock screen clock customization

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