Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
Android 14 Beta 3 Features

After four weeks, Google released the Android 14 Beta 3 for its Pixel devices. So what new features does Android 14 Beta 3 have to offer, let’s take a look at that.

Android 14 Beta 3 Features

New shortcuts on the lock screen

From now on whenever you click on shortcuts you will see a jiggly animation and a notification that says ‘Touch & hold shortcut’. To activate quick action you must press and hold.

Quick settings to open the Clock app again

This feature was not been in removed from Android 12, but users liked this feature and wanted it back because of that it’s now introduced in Android 14 Beta 3.

New charging indicator

Android 14 Beta 3 has a new pop-up charging animation for the battery icon when you put the phone on charging. It only appears for a short while and gives a new look.

Lock screen Clock and shortcuts customization

Android 14 Beta 3 brings Google’s promised lock screen customization. It’s all in order:

  • Holding down on the lock screen will bring up the “Customize lock screen” button at the bottom.
  • There are 9 clock options to select from, each adapted to the AOD. You can also select their color and brightness, as well as whether they are dynamically sized or small (in a single line on the top left).
  • Wallpaper and style are now divided into Locked Screen and Home Screen settings.
  • Available lock screen shortcuts include None, Do not disturb, QR code scanner, Smart home control, Silent, Camera, and Flashlight.
  • A selection of lock screen shortcut options is also available in the locked screen system settings.


Android 14 Beta 3 Features

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