Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
MIUI 14.5 update

MIUI 14 made a huge impact on the market because it introduced new features and lots of improvements. Currently, Xiaomi expanding MIUI 14 updates for its users in several regions. After MIUI 14, Xiaomi fans wanted to know whether MIUI 14.5 update will be released or directly MIUI 15 is available.

Previously we have seen Xiaomi releasing a version that came in between like MIUI 12.5. These versions are meant to be the improved version of the previous update, released by the Company after removing issues. These versions provide a better experience while using.

Will Xiaomi release MIUI 14.5 update?

After MIUI 12.5 we didn’t get MIUI 13.5, while the information shows it’s been in the development phase. But they stopped working on it and released MIUI 14. It feels like Company only uses the middle version when they find issues in the previous version and need a change.

Xiaomi didn’t show us any hint on this matter, so hard to say it’s going to be MIUI 14.5 or MIUI 15. According to internal codes and information, there’s no sign of MIUI 14.5, but it is expected that Xiaomi will make an announcement on the upcoming MIUI version in the fourth quarter or before the end of the year.

So users Xiaomi fans what do you want MIUI 14.5 or MIUI 15, let us know in the comments, and stay connected for future updates.


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MIUI 14.5 update

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