Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
MIUI 15 launch

Xiaomi finally made it clear, there will be no MIUI 14.5 in the future. So the next major update is going to be MIUI 15. It is expected to bring, more advanced features and a lot of improvement. When MIUI 15 will release in the market, according to a reliable source, it is expected that MIUI 15 will entry in the market in December 2023.

MIUI 15 Release Date

Xiaomi usually releases its major update in the last quarter of the year and because of this logic, it’s possible that will get MIUI 15 in November- December month.

When we think about MIUI 15, then we also think about which Flagship device will share the stage. Currently, we are thinking of Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro. Previously we saw MIUI 14 coming alongside Xiaomi 13.

According to the source, the model number for Xiaomi 14 series had 2311 and 2312. We can assume these numbers refers to the month, if it’s true then they will be released in November or December in 2023. Similarly, we see Xiaomi 13 series having model numbers like 2210, and 2211 that indicate October and November.

After examining all this information we can assume that Xiaomi will release the MIUI 15 in December month. Stay in touch to know which will receive this update and other important information.


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MIUI 15 Release Date

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