Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Xiaomi EOS Device List

Every year Xiaomi introduces several new phones in the market and currently working on a few flagship phones like Xiaomi 13T, Xiaomi 13T Pro, and Xiaomi 14 series. We got the MIUI builds, the model number of this phone, and the expected release date.

Xiaomi 13T

According to the IMEI database, Xiaomi 13T has a model number 2306EPN60G. This phone has M12A in MIUI, which represents that this phone will be available in the Global market but not in Chinese and Indian markets. The code name of Xiaomi 13T is ‘Aristotle’ and its last internal MIUI builds is V14.0.0.39.TMFMIXM, V14.0.0.28.TMFEUXM, V14.0.0.9.TMFJPXM. The number 2308 in the model number represents August month of 2023.

Xiaomi 13T Pro

Xiaomi 13T Pro has model number 23078PND5G while Redmi K60 Ultra has model number 23078RKD5C, and its last internal MIUI build was V23.4.7. Number 2307 in the model number represents that this phone could be released in July 2023. The Xiaomi 13T Pro comes with “corot_pre_global“, and the Redmi K60 Ultra with “corot_pre“.

Xiaomi 14 Series

Xiaomi 14 has a code name ‘Houji’ and Xiaomi 14 Pro is named ‘Shennong’. Their last internal MIUI build was V23.4.25 for China and V23.4.27 for the Global region. The company started testing in China on the 25th of April and in Global on the 27th of April. Xiaomi 14 Series is being tested MIUI based on Android 14. Xiaomi 14 will be available in major areas such as China, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Taiwan except for India and Japan, while Xiaomi 14 Pro will be available across the globe except for Japan.


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MIUI Builds

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