Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Xiaomi Android 14 Beta Tester

Xiaomi is going forward in the field of Android 14, by announcing the Beta tester program. Currently, there are only a few phones are able to enroll, these models are Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 12T. This Beta program gives the opportunity to experience Android 14 before others.

If you are using one of these phones and are interested in exploring Android 14, then apply for the Beta program on Xiaomi’s official website. This program has a certain time limit, and position so do it fast. This is the best way to explore upcoming features and tools present in Android 14.

Xiaomi Android 14 Beta Tester Requirements:

  1. Should be having and using the mentioned device can actively participate in the stable version test, feedback, and suggestions.
  2. The device should be logged in with the same ID that he/she has filled in the recruitment form.
  3. Should have tolerance for issues, willing to cooperate with the engineers about the issues with detailed information.
  4. Have the ability to recover phone when flashing failed, willing to take risks about failed updating.
  5. Applicant’s age should be 18/18+ years.

This program is only available for limited fewer people, the feedback given by these people’s valuable to the company. If users found any issue in the update then they can provide feedback to Xiaomi and Company will resolve this issue in time to improve users’ experience.

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Xiaomi Android 14 Beta Tester

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