Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
Redmi software support

As you know once a device enters the end of the support list that means the phone will not get any updates including security patches. Recently, Xiaomi made a change in EOS, the previously listed Redmi Note 9 Pro has been removed. This seems to reflecting changes in Xiaomi services.

Every new device comes with a certain time in which it will receive the security patches, Android, and major MIUI updates. After the time ended device is listed on EOS, from then on phone will not get security patches and operating systems updates which concerns users about their device system and bug free experience. To do so users have to switch to a new device as soon as possible.

Removing of Redmi Note 9 Pro from the EOS list makes a device owner happy but users have been wondering how much time it will get software support.

The remains behind this removal remain uncertain at this moment but as per rumors, Xiaomi makes this move to maintain its image in front of existing users as well as introduction new smartphones and technology to satisfy the needs of users.


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Redmi Note 9 Pro

By Shubham

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