Mon. May 27th, 2024
Xiaomi Clock App

The company has rolled out the October 2023 update for the Xiaomi clock app bringing some bug fixes and performance improvement to enhance the functioning of the application.

The Xiaomi Clock app new update comes with the build version V13.83.0 and its download package size is around 11.7 MB. It will work on All ROMs including China.

With this update, Xiaomi offers several bug and issue fixes that were addressed by the user in previous versions to ensure a smoother experience as well as without any interruption or error during app use.

Apart from that, the update also includes general improvements to offer faster and more stable performance. We recommended upgrading apps to the latest version, so users can expect better loading time, enhanced fluency, and faster response.

With these improvements, users can enjoy a more reliable and seamless experience while using a clock app whether it’s setting alarms, checking the time, or utilizing the stopwatch function.

To install the new update of the clock app, fans can download an APK of about 11.7 MB from the below link

  • Xiaomi Clock App V13.83.0 – Link

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Xiaomi Clock App

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