Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
Xiaomi MiOS system

As we know Xiaomi has been working on MIUI 15 for a long time and it is expected to share the stage with Xiaomi 14 lineup. Last year MIUI 14 was launched with Xiaomi 13 series phone. This time, things are different because we are hearing rumors of a new operating system named MiOS to be launched with the Xiaomi 14 Series.

Recently, Xiaomi applied for the registration of various trademarks for different names like Xiaomi Pengpai, Xiaomi Hyper, and Redmi Hyper. Currently, these names are listed as pending and waiting for company approval. The company may consider these trademark names for their new operating system or other programs because there is some confusion about the MiOS name.

We hear such rumors because Xiaomi did register a domain named, but the official domain has been claimed by Ezlo, which is a smart home developing Company.

The information shows that MiOS is an independent operating system created by Xiaomi Company for its vehicles and smart devices. Currently, we don’t know much about it, but it is expected to be more efficient and smooth for the devices.

These names could be the name of this upcoming operating system. Xiaomi didn’t make any official comments on this side, but it is going to be a new phase for the company.


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Xiaomi MiOS system

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