Wed. Jul 10th, 2024
Redmi 12 Series HyperOS Update

Currently, the HyperOS update has been released for Selected devices in China. Most smartphone users in India are wondering when the HyperOS update will be released for their models, one of them is the Redmi 12 series.

Redmi 12 Series will get the Android 14-based HyperOS which means the users of these models can experience all the new features and improvements for the Android 14 operating system.

Redmi 12 Series HyperOS Update Builds

Image Via GSMChina

HyperOS firmware for the Redmi 12 series is under testing for Global, India, and EEA ROM. The last internal build of HyperOS for Redmi 12 is OS1.0.0.2.UMXEUXM for Europe, OS1.0.0.9.UMXMIXM for Global, and OS1.0.0.3.UMXINXM for India while the Redmi 12 5G device will get OS1.0.0.6.UMWEUXM for Europe, OS1.0.0.9.UMWINXM for India, and OS1.0.0.11.UMWMIXM for Global.

Now the question remains when the stable version of HyperOS will roll out for the Redmi 12 series. The update is expected to start in Q1, 2024.

The Chinese tech giant will perform several tests on these models to ensure whether the new update carries any issues or not if bugs are found then solve them before the stable release to give a better user experience and error-free performance.

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Redmi 12 Series HyperOS Update

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