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Xiaomi October 2022 Update

Currently, we are surrounded by smart gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, Pads, etc. They have the ability to assist humans in their daily life and make things easy for them. Whenever a new phone launches on the market we focus on Specifications and features like a camera, processor, battery, and even color. But we didn’t seek Security related things. Companies have to provide this essential thing to our devices so they can work properly and secure our personal and professional data from the world. To fulfill this purpose Xiaomi has released the October 2022 Security patch update for some of its smartphones.

According to Google’s policy companies have to provide these security updates to their users on the regular basis. All the devices that are launched in the market have a certain lifespan, which means after a certain period of time company no longer provides these updates to some devices.

In this article, we are providing information about some Xiaomi phones who’s getting this October 2022 Security Patch update. As always, this latest monthly patch increases the system’s security and stability to boost the overall performance of the devices.

Xiaomi October 2022 Security Update Information

[October 17, 2022]

Xiaomi 11T Pro starts receiving the October 2022 security patch update in Taiwan and Russia. Read More Here

[October 14, 2022]

We all know that Xiaomi is rolling out October 2022 Security Patch update, now Mi 11 Lite 4G and Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE are getting this update. Read More Here

[October 13, 2022]

Xiaomi 12T Pro is started to receive the October 2022 security update. The update is currently rolled out in Taiwan. Read More Here

[October 12, 2022]

Yet another device joins the growing list of October 2022 security updates and now, Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro Max started to get the latest monthly security patch. Read More Here

[October 10, 2022]

Xiaomi is providing its latest Monthly Security Patch for its devices. Now this October 2022 security update is rolling out for Mi 11X Pro users. Read More Here

[October 09, 2022]

The Chinese tech giant has begun releasing the October 2022 security update to Mi Pad 5. The monthly security patch is currently available in the Europe region. Read More Here 

[October 08, 2022]

The company has started rolling out the October 2022 security patch update to Redmi Note 8 2021. The update is currently released for Global users. Read More Here

[October 04. 2022]

Xiaomi has rolled out the October 2022 security patch to Xiaomi 11T Pro. The updates are currently available in the India region and other markets expected to get in the next few days. Read More Here.

[September 29, 2022]

Mi 10T/ 10T Pro is the first phone to receive this October 2022 security patch update. The latest monthly patch is currently available for European users and might be rolled out in other countries soon. Read More Here.

Xiaomi October 2022 Update

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