Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
MIUI 13 Beta updates

Xiaomi working on different programs to make their devices more advanced and up-to-date based on technology. The main focus of users stays on either the new MIUI or Android version. We all know that the company is looking after MIUI 14 and Android 13 at the same time and there are some things indicating that MIUI 14 could be here soon. According to data, Xiaomi is discontinuing its MIUI 13-based Beta updates.

Yes, this is happening Xiaomi recently made it clear that he’s suspending to provide MIUI 13-based Beta updates also known as daily beta updates. The last Beta update version was 22.10.26. These are exclusive only to Chinese users.

Xiaomi planning to change things with the new MIUI based on Android 13. There are planning to remove the daily beta update and going to keep only two versions one in ‘Development version’ and ‘Official version’.

We have seen these things previously at the time of the launch of MIUI 13. Xiaomi stopped providing these Beta updates before the launch of MIUI 13 for some time to focus purely on developing MIUI 13.

This time they are removing the Beta version from the system completely. Through this info, we can assume that MIUI 14 will be here soon.


MIUI 13 Beta updates

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