Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
Game Turbo 5.0

Xiaomi provides a built-in Security app that usually protects phones from different viruses and malware. It also provides one useful feature known as Game Turbo and recently got a new version 5.0.

What is Game Turbo 5.0?

As the name suggests Game Turbo is a useful tool while we playing a game, it boosts the performance of the device which gives a more uniform game experience. It also allows users to enable and disable this tool without interrupting the game through the floating window.

Game Turbo 5.0 Features

If we compare this new version with the older one which is Game Turbo 4.0, a new feature ‘Performace monitor’ allows users to record the FPS of the game while playing. Through this, we can compare the performance data when the tool is enabled to when it’s disabled.

If you want to get this new Game Turbo on your device then download this new Security app with version number V7.2.1-221208.1.3 and its file size is 74.9 MB. This is currently available for the Global region.

  • MIUI Securit App V7.2.1-221208.1.3 – Download

According to the changelog, Previous issues of the app have been fixed which enhances the performance of the app and optimizes the experience.


Game Turbo 5.0

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