Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Snow Mountain Super Wallpaper

Xiaomi brings all kinds of wallpapers to their phones. But the Super Wallpapers that have been featured in MIUI 12 are one of my favorite collections. Super wallpaper offers a high-quality image of real-world objects like Earth, Mars, Saturn, Snow Mountain, etc. These are beautiful on display.

Super wallpapers, unlike regular static wallpapers, are dynamic and interactive. They react to user actions like sliding on screens with changing images and movements, making the user experience more immersive and attractive.

Wallpapers and animations of high quality are provided by this feature. Therefore, it needs high-level processing. As a result, it requires a powerful processor.

The new update for Xiaomi Snow Mountain Super Wallpaper is rolled out that comes with software number V2.6.555-03232016-ogl-64 and its download file size is about 98.5 MB. This version is accessible for Chinese users and may not work on Global ROM.

As per the official log, it does increase the overall performance and stability of the app as well as fix a few known bugs affecting the user experience besides no additional changes are part of this update.

  • Snow Mountain Super wallpapers V2.6.555-03232016-ogl-64 – Download Link


  1. Fixed known bugs and improved app stability.

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Snow Mountain Super Wallpaper

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