Thu. Apr 11th, 2024
Xiaomi Earphones 2.0

Xiaomi creates all sorts of apps to make things easy for users. To enhance the audio experience the Xiaomi Earphones 2.0 App is available for users. This app contains one important and useful feature.

Its full-fledged build Equalizer allows users to change the sound of any audio at their discretion. You can apply customized settings for each headphone.

For example, if you are using full-sized headphones then put the setting on headphones, and for in-ear headphones, you can choose the in-ear setting for the best experience. You can easily manage up to ten pairs of headphones for high-quality sound.

A new update for Xiaomi Earphones 2.0 App is rolled out and its download size is about 16.7 MB. This particular version is specifically available for Chinese users and may not work properly on Global ROM.

As usual, it fixes a few known bugs affecting the user experience as well as improves the overall performance and stability of the app besides no other changes are mentioned in the official log. However, you might not notice any major changes after updating the app to the latest version but it does enhance security and fluency.


  1. Fixed known bugs and improved app stability.
Xiaomi Earphones 2.0

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