Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Android 14 Beta 1 Features

As we all know Google is developing Android 14 for some time. Now Android 14 Beta 1 is available for Pixel phones and we share some of their features. It is expected to go public by August or September month.

Android 14 Beta 1 features are as follows

An Improved Back Navigation Gesture

A new back arrow is introduced which you will use for navigation. Material You themes now work on this feature to make it look better. It simply adapts the color of your wallpaper or theme for a better view.

An Enhanced Share Sheet

To make data sharing easy on Google phones, the Share Sheet app is there. Now it’s more efficient and fast because it allows the app to add a custom action.

This new Share sheet is able to display a preview of all photos and videos that you are going to share, currently limited to three photos.

Faster and More Secure PIN Entry

Using PIN in Android 14 Beta is more secure because it didn’t show the pattern animation. You can disable the trail of pattern animation.

If you are using six digits or longer PIN, after recognizing the correct order it automatically unlocks the phone.

Separate Ringtone and Notification Volume Sliders

In Android 14 Beta, the ringtone and notification sliders are now separate. This will help to put a louder ringtone for the incoming call as compared to notification alerts.

Accessibility Improvements

Android 14 Beta provides one more enhancement that is useful for users. The text size is now increased by 200% whereas in Android 13 it was 130%. Now it supports Flash notifications.


Android 14 Beta 1 Features

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