Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Mi Browser App

Xiaomi provides all the useful apps, Mi Browser app is one of them, which is used for web surfing. It’s a pre-installed app that came on every Xiaomi device.

It has a very simple user interface but is still easy to operate. When you open this app you will find its home which is directly linked with several useful sites. You can even add and arrange these sites accordingly.

Mi Browser has an incognito mode that can be used when you don’t want to create history. You can access multiple sites with the help of tabs. For a better view, you can adjust the font size of the text. It’s an ad-free web browser for all Mi devices.

Xiaomi is releasing the April 2023 update to Mi Browser App that comes with firmware version V13.27.0-gn and its download file size is 112.8 MB. This build is exclusive to the Global region. Normally users get notifications for these updates, if you missed them then you can use the link given below to download them.

The new update doesn’t mention any further changes in the official log, but it does enhance the overall performance and stability of the app as well as resolve some known bugs affecting the user experience.


  1. Includes bug fixes and improved app stability.
Mi Browser App

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