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Xiaomi Alpha Wallpaper

Xiaomi first introduced Super Wallpaper Alpha features with MIUI 12. This feature provides high-quality wallpapers and animation. For that reason, it needs high-level processing. This means it needs a high-end processor.

It is worth trying because of its unique and high-quality wallpapers and animation. Please ensure that your device has a high-end processor before using it. These are the updates that are released on a regular basis.

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[May 27, 2023]

The company has released the latest May 2023 update for the Xiaomi Alpha Wallpaper app with firmware version V1.9.3-ALPHA-05221046 and its updated package size is about 6.0 MB. This build works on All ROMs including China, however, recommended to install it on devices that run on Android 13 or above.

As per the changelog, the update doesn’t include any specific changes for the application but, it fixes some common bugs as well as improved performance & optimizations of the Wallpapers app.

  • MIUI Alpha Wallpaper V1.9.3-ALPHA-05221046 – Download


  1. Fixed known issues.
  2. Improved Performance & optimizations.

[April 01, 2023]

The April 2023 update for Xiaomi Alpha Wallpaper is now released which is identified via build number V1.8.8-ALPHA-03201114 and its file weighs 6.0 MB.

As usual, it improves the overall performance and stability of the app and fixes a few known bugs affecting the user experience besides no major changes are mentioned in the official log.

  • MIUI Alpha Wallpaper V1.8.8-ALPHA-03201114 – Download


  1. Bug Fixes.

[March 25, 2023]

The March 2023 update for the Xiaomi Alpha wallpaper is available that comes with a firmware version V1.8.7-ALPHA-03141021 and its package download size is about 6.0 MB.

According to the changelog, this update doesn’t bring any major changes but it does enhance the overall performance and fluency of the app and fix some known bugs affecting the user experience.

  • MIUI Alpha Wallpaper V1.8.7-ALPHA-03141021 – Download


  1. Bug Fixes.

[January 15, 2023]

Xiaomi Alpha wallpaper got a new update with version number V1.8.3-ALPHA-12272031 and its download file size is 6.0 MB.

As per the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed which brings improvement. You might not notice any major changes after updating to the latest version.

  • MIUI Alpha Wallpaper V1.8.3-ALPHA-12272031Download


  1. Bug Fixes.

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Xiaomi Alpha Wallpaper

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