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MIUI Notes App September 2023 Update

Xiaomi MIUI Notes is a pre-installed app used for creating Notes. It’s a virtual noting app. If we compare it’s similar to other brands’ Note apps. Different brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google also provide that app.

For a long period of time, we take Notes using Papers and pens but currently, we are in a smart world where it’s not necessary to keep paper and pen with us, we can easily create Notes by using these apps.

In the current era, we all have smartphones that we can use for these purposes, it also saves paper. It is in digital form that we can share, and store for a long time, easy to organize. We can create so many Notes because the texts consume a very small amount of storage.

We can also able to create voice and picture-based Notes. These features make this app very convenient. Using different types of text styles we can create amazing Notes. We can even add reminders to the Notes that can be used to remember some important Meetings or Events.

[June 02, 2023]

The company has released the latest June 2023 update for the Xiaomi Notes app with software number V5.9.7 and its updated file weighs 70.1 MB. The firmware works on All ROMs including China.

It resolves some common bugs as well as increased performance & optimizations of the notes app besides no other specific changes or features are mentioned in the changelog.


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[May 08, 2023]

The May 2023 update for Xiaomi Notes App is now available which comes with a firmware version V5.9.0 and its download package size is 69.8 MB.

The update fixed the issue of being unable to copy & paste after selecting texts and optimizes the user experience to enhance the overall performance of the app.


  • Fixed the issue of being unable to copy and paste after selecting texts.

[April 27, 2023]

Xiaomi Notes app is getting the April 2023 update that is identified via build number V5.8.3 and weighs 68.5 MB. This particular version is specifically limited to Chinese users and may not work on Global firmware.

No further changes are part of this official log but it fixes some bugs as well as includes optimization and performance improvements.


  • Fixed known bugs.

[April 13, 2023]

The latest update of the Xiaomi Notes app is now released it comes with a software version V5.8.2 and its download package size is 68.4 MB.

The update resolves a few known issues and increases performance to enhance users’ experience. Besides no other major changes is part of this update.


  • Fixed known bugs.

[March 01, 2023]

Xiaomi Notes app received a new update with firmware number V5.6.5 and its file size is 69.9 MB. The version is accessible in the China region.

As mentioned in the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed to improve the stability and performance of the app.


  1. Fixed known bugs.

[February 14, 2023]

Xiaomi Notes app got a new update with build version V5.4.7 and its download file size is 69.4 MB. This update is available in China.

According to the changelog, Previously known bugs have been fixed to enhance the app’s performance. Apart from that, no other changes or features are part of this update.


  1. Fixed known bugs.
Xiaomi Notes App

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