Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
MIUI Security Mod

Xiaomi offers a very interesting feature called MIUI Security Mod that had many useful features, one of them is a Voice changer is a blessing for gamers because it allows users to change their voice like robot girl and others.

Other than that MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module is packed with features like convenient shutdown confirmation, privacy-focused incognito mode, voice changer, and enhanced battery status. This feature elevates the user’s experience. Other features are mentioned below so check it out.

  • Voice changer
  • Enhanced battery status interface
  • Shutdown confirmation
  • Incognito mode
  • Hide apps
  • Lock apps
  • Secure keyword
  • Secure input
  • Second space
  • Dual apps

Requirements to enjoy MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module are

  • If your phone is currently running on MIUI 12, MIUI 13, and newer ROM then you can access this feature.
  • Your device needs to be running on Android 10 and above version of the operating system is compatible.
  • A rooted device with Magisk can provide the necessary permission to install this module on your device.

If you are interested in MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module then use this link to download it. Go through the installation process to enjoy its features and customization options on your device.

To install MIUI Security Mod Magisk Module follow these steps-

  • Open the Magisk app on your phone.
  • Click the “Modules” section.
  • Tap on “Install from Storage.”
  • Choose the “MIUI Security Mod” Magisk module to Install.
  • Wait for the process of installation to be done. Once complete, you will see a “Success” message
  • Reboot your phone by clicking on the “Reboot” button.

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MIUI Security Mod

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