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Xiaomi System Applications

Xiaomi and POCO are one of the most famous Smartphone brands because of their affordable price range. One more thing that makes it admirable is the Updates to its apps. A few of the Xiaomi system applications like camera, launcher, theme, gallery, security, and others get updated on a daily basis.

If we compare the user interface of Xiaomi to other brands then we can say that Xiaomi provides a more user-friendly interface and gives more freedom to customize it.

We are dedicating this particular post to keeping Xiaomi users up to date about these updates. This post will make it easy to reach for the latest updates and the information related to them.

Sometimes these Apps are extracted from Chinese ROM, it is not 100% sure that they work on any Xiaomi devices. If the app does not work, you will have to wait for updates to arrive via OTA from Xiaomi.

Note: All ROMs work on Global ROMs & China ROM, Global ROMs work on All Global ROMs except in China region, and China ROM work on only China firmware (Global ROMs include IN, MI, TW, TR, EU, and more).

Xiaomi System Applications

Apps ROMVersionDownload
WallpaperAll ROMsV1.9.3-ALPHA-05221046Download
ScreenshotAll ROMsV1.4.56-05121411Download
NotesAll ROMsV5.9.7Download
Security All ROMsV7.8.5-230515.0.2Download
Always-On DisplayAll ROMsV2.11.1111-05192030Download
BrowserGlobal ROMsV13.27.0-gnDownload
Calendar All ROMsV13.13.3.1Download
File Manager All ROMsV4.5.0.2Download
Camera All ROMsV4.5.002850.1Download
Gallery All ROMsV3.5.5.2Download
Gallery Editor All ROMsV1.
GetApps Global ROMsV27.8.0.0Download
MIUI Launcher All ROMsV4.39.9.6445-05182008Download
Weather China ROMV13.5.0.1Download
Mi Video Global ROMsV2023042502Download
MIUI + China ROMV3.7.78Download
Mi Music Global ROMsV7.13.01.051216iDownload
NotificationAll ROMsV1.1.4.90Download
POCO Launcher Global ROMsV4.39.7.6059-05082006Download
Themes Global ROMsV2.2.3.4Download

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Xiaomi System Applications

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