Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
MIUI 15 bug fix

As we know Xiaomi is working on its upcoming MIUI 15, and now this update has been spotted in Mi Code. After MIUI 14 some users were thinking that there could be a middle version like MIUI 14.5 for the users. But now all the doubts are cleared for the future update.

These Mi code shows that the Company is working on its upcoming MIUI 15. This is the next major upgrade from Xiaomi for its users, to enhance the smartphone experience.

Some specific code of Mi code, suggests that there are no errors while using a Xiaomi account. MIUI 15 was in the final stage of development. If things go smoothly then we will get this update very soon.

It is obvious that Xiaomi will bring a lot of new features and improvements to the MIUI 15 for its users. On the other hand, the company will focus on improving the features like Super Icons, widgets, and other features of MIUI 14.

Through MIUI 14, Xiaomi made a point that its users have a very promising future in terms of software and hardware. Similarly, users will get new features in the upcoming MIUI 15 to make their phones more efficient.


MIUI 15 Mi Code

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