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Xiaomi September 2023 Device List

Recently, there have been rumors that Xiaomi has been preparing for the new MiOS operating system alongside MIUI 15 testing conducted on several devices. Still, the company rolling out the latest monthly patch for its users in a timely manner. But in the month of October, Xiaomi is still releasing the September 2023 update for eligible models. To confirm each device, we come up with a list of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones that have gotten the September 2023 update so far.

As usual apart from several bug fixes no additional features or changes are part of the September 2023 patch but it will strengthen the security and stability of the device to protect it from unwanted threats.

In addition, Xiaomi does not follow any pattern for rolling out the monthly patches to eligible phones. You can check below whether your smartphone has also received it or not.

Xiaomi September 2023 Device List

DeviceMIUI Build (Region)
Redmi Note 9 ProV14.0.4.0.SJZTWXM (Taiwan)
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4GV14.0.4.0.THGMIXM (Global)
Redmi Note 12SV14.0.8.0.THZMIXM (Global)
Redmi 12 5G / POCO M6 Pro 5GV14.0.2.0.TMWMIXM (Global)
V14.0.5.0.TMWEUXM (EEA)
Redmi 10AV12.5.9.0.RCZRUXM (Russia)
Redmi A2 / A2+ / POCO C51V14.0.11.0.TGOINXM (India)
Redmi Note 10 LiteV14.0.6.0.SJWINRF (India)
Redmi Note 8 (2021)V14.0.6.0.TCUMIXM (Global)
Redmi A1 / POCO C50V13.0.11.0.SGMRUXM (Russia)
V13.0.10.0.SGMIDXM (Indonesia)
Redmi 12V14.0.3.0.TMXTRXM (Turkey)
V14.0.4.0.TMXIDXM (Indonesia)
V14.0.9.0.TMXEUXM (EEA)
Redmi PadV14.0.3.0.TLYMIXM (Global)
V14.0.4.0.TLYEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.5.0.TLYTWXM (Taiwan)
Redmi Pad SEV14.0.3.0.TMUMIXM (Global)
V14.0.3.0.TMUTRXM (Turkey)
V14.0.3.0.TMUTWXM (Taiwan)
V14.0.4.0.TMUIDXM (Indonesia)
V14.0.3.0.TMUEUXM (EEA)
Redmi 12C / POCO C55V14.0.3.0.TCVIDXM (Indonesia)
Redmi 10CV14.0.4.0.TGEEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.3.0.TGEINXM (India)
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV14.0.6.0.TKTEUXM (EEA)
Redmi Note 12 Pro / Pro+ 5GV14.0.4.0.TMOINXM (India)
Redmi K50i / ProV14.0.4.0.TLOINXM (India)
Redmi Note 12 4G NFCV14.0.6.0.TMGRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.11.0.TMGEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.7.0.TMGMIXM (Global)
V14.0.7.0.TMGIDXM (Indonesia)
Redmi 10 5G / POCO M4 5GV14.0.5.0.TLSMIXM (Global)
V14.0.5.0.TLSEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.2.0.TLSRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.4.0.TLSIDXM (Indonesia)
Redmi Note 11S 5GV14.0.4.0.TGLEUXM (EEA)
Redmi Note 11 NFCV14.0.4.0.TGKRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.2.0.TGKEUXM (EEA)
Redmi Note 11V14.0.3.0.TGCTRXM (Turkey)
V14.0.4.0.TGCMIXM (Global)
Redmi Note 12 4GV14.0.8.0.TMTINXM (India)
V14.0.14.0.TMTMIXM (Global)
Redmi Note 11S 4G / POCO M4 Pro 4GV14.0.4.0.TKERUXM (Russia)
V14.0.4.0.TKEINXM (India)
V14.0.5.0.TKEIDXM (Indonesia)
Redmi Note 12 5GV14.0.4.0.TMQEUXM (EEA)
Redmi Note 11T 5GV14.0.2.0.TGBINXM (India)
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G / POCO X4 Pro 5GV14.0.3.0.TKCMIXM (Global)
V14.0.4.0.TKCINXM (India)
V14.0.3.0.TKCIDXM (Indonesia)
V14.0.2.0.TKCRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.2.0.TKCEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.2.0.TKCTRXM (Turkey)
POCO M5V14.0.4.0.TLURUXM (Russia)
V14.0.5.0.TLUIDXM (Indonesia)
POCO F5V14.0.7.0.TMRMIXM (Global)
V14.0.9.0.TMREUXM (EEA)
POCO F3V14.0.3.0.TKHRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.8.0.TKHMIXM (Global)
POCO F4V14.0.4.0.TLMMIXM (Global)
V14.0.4.0.TLMTWXM (Taiwan)
POCO X5 Pro 5GV14.0.3.0.TMSEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.3.0.TMSINXM (India)
V14.0.3.0.TMSRUXM (Russia)
POCO M4 Pro 5GV14.0.2.0.TGBMIXM (Global)
V14.0.3.0.TGBRUXM (Russia)
POCO F4 GTV14.0.4.0.TLJMIXM (Global)
V14.0.5.0.TLJIDXM (Indonesia)
Xiaomi 13TV14.0.3.0.TMFRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.3.0.TMFTRXM (Turkey)
V14.0.5.0.TMFMIXM (Global)
V14.0.10.0.TMFEUXM (EEA)
Xiaomi 13T ProV14.0.5.0.TMLTWXM (Taiwan)
V14.0.2.0.TMLTRXM (Turkey)
V14.0.2.0.TMLRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.11.0.TMLEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.6.0.TMLMIXM (Global)
Xiaomi 12T ProV14.0.4.0.TLFMIXM (Global)
Xiaomi 12TV14.0.15.0.TLQEUXM (EEA)
Xiaomi 12V14.0.6.0.TLCMIXM (Global)
Xiaomi 12 ProV14.0.4.0.TLBINXM (India)
Xiaomi 12 LiteV14.0.20.0.TLIEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.7.0.TLIRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.7.0.TLITWXM (Taiwan)
Xiaomi 11T ProV14.0.3.0.TKDTWXM (Taiwan)
V14.0.12.0.TKDEUXM (EEA)
V14.0.4.0.TKDIDXM (Indonesia)
Mi 11V14.0.4.0.TKBRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.3.0.TKBIDXM (Indonesia)
Xiaomi Pad 5V14.0.6.0.TKXMIXM (Global)
V14.0.5.0.TKXRUXM (Russia)
V14.0.7.0.TKXEUXM (EEA)
Xiaomi 11TV14.0.5.0.TKWTWXM (Taiwan)
Xiaomi Pad 6V14.0.8.0.TMZMIXM (Global)
V14.0.7.0.TMZEUXM (EEA)
Xiaomi 12XV14.0.6.0.TLDTWXM (Taiwan)
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV14.0.6.0.TKOMIXM (Global)
V14.0.7.0.TKOINXM (India)
V14.0.5.0.TKORUXM (Russia)

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Xiaomi September 2023 Device List

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