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HyperOS Features

As we know, Xiaomi is developing a new Android skin HyperOS, and will soon make its debut with the Xiaomi 14 lineup in China at the end of October. The new operating system will take over MIUI on Xiaomi devices globally as well as smart home gadgets and their upcoming EVs. As expected before the stable rollout, some of the screenshots of Xiaomi HyperOS features have started appearing on the internet.

So let’s check out some of the upcoming features of HyperOS that have leaked so far. As per rumor, HyperOS is built on a different architecture compared to MIUI.

HyperOS Features

HyperOS Control Center

HyperOS control center Features

With the announcement of HyperOS, Xiaomi also began updating the apps to new Android skin. One such application is the System UI Plugin which includes a HyperOS control center. It is basically the same as MIUI 14, only some quick settings have been replaced. There are music controls that have moved to the position of the mobile date quick settings while the mobile data section has moved to above volume and screen brightness controls.

HyperOS Lock Screen Customization

HyperOS lock screen Features

Much-awaited feature of lock screen customization which is part of Android 14 and one UI 6, is now added to HyperOS. With this function, users can easily customize the look of the lock screen, clock screen fonts, colors, and more.

HyperOS iOS Type Recent Bar

HyperOS comes with the new iOS Recents Bar as shown in the image below. The new iOS Recents Bar looks more attractive and interesting when compared to the normal version.


One of the major changes in HyperOS is Always on Display. Now, fans can change the text style, colors, and AOD screen as per their liking.

HyperOS Charging and Sound Status Animation

HyperOS also brings a new charging animation and sound status at the top of the device.

HyperOS File Manager App

The File Manager app has brought some tweaks that were inspired by a stock Android 14 instead of iOS.

HyperOS Security App

The security app also includes some revamps in security permission, application list, and battery section.

Apart from that some of the minor changes are also included in apps like weather, camera, clock, calendar, etc. With HyperOS, Xiaomi aims to offer a new visual look, enhance security, more customization options, improve multitasking, increase performance efficiency, and more.

There is not much difference between HyperOS and MIUI so far on the basis of the recently leaked first glimpse of the new operating system. Currently, HyperOS is in its beta stage, so we may see some changes in the stable rollout. Users stay tuned for more updates.

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HyperOS Features

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