Tue. May 21st, 2024
Xiaomi Bootloader Unlocking

A new leak suggests that Xiaomi is planning to stop the bootloader unlocking process on HyperOS devices. Recently, users found that the steps of unlocking the bootloader have become more difficult and complicated to perform.

Xiaomi Bootloader Unlocking Stop

Now a user named Toolazy discovered the ‘Bootloader Unlock Beta‘ option in the Xiaomi China community which indicates that the company may enhance the difficulty of bootloader unlock steps.

This leak increases the suspicion among users that the Chinese tech giant may restrict the bootloader unlock process even further. But there is not any official confirmation from Xiaomi yet.

This restriction is expected to be first implemented in China but is uncertain whether it will affect the Global region. But one thing is certain, users who want to unlock the bootloader may have to complete a few extra processes from now on.

Bootloader is an important process that allows the user to increase the functioning of their operating system and get system-level access to explore phones’ full capabilities. With the enabling of this step, users can access several custom ROMs on their phones and change them according to their liking.

But to unlock the bootloader, users have to require some basic knowledge to enable it properly. If something goes wrong, it may brick your device while unlocking or installing any custom recovery or ROMs, etc.

Xiaomi Bootloader Unlocking

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