Tue. Jul 9th, 2024
Saturn Super Wallpaper

Xiaomi provides all sorts of wallpapers on their phones. But Super wallpapers that were introduced in MIUI 12 are one of my favorite collections. Super wallpaper provides a high-quality image of real-world objects like Earth, Mars, Saturn, Mountains, etc. These look superb on display.

These Super wallpapers are available in high contrast ratio and users interact with them. While unlocking the phone it creates a mesmerizing animation on the screen.

In some cases of Super wallpaper, you can change the location of the place that will be your wallpaper. It creates an HD animation because of that it requires a high-end processor.

Xiaomi has rolled out the latest update to Saturn super wallpaper which is identified via firmware number V2.6.555-03232016-ogl-64 and its download package size is around 67 MB. This build is available for Chinese users and may not work on Global ROM.

With this update, the overall performance and stability of the app are increased and fixes some known bugs affecting the user experience apart from that no major changes are mentioned in the changelog.

  • MIUI Saturn super wallpapers V2.6.555-03232016-ogl-64 – Download Link


  1. Fixed known bugs and improved app stability.

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Saturn Super Wallpaper

By Shubham

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