Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
MIUI 14 global animal widgets

Xiaomi is a China-based manufacturer, and because of that Chinese user gets more attention. In the recent case of MIUI 14 Global, it has fewer features as compared to MIUI 14 China. The newly added animal & Plant widgets are not available in MIUI 14 Global ROM.

In this, we will see how to use this feature in Global ROM, pay proper attention before trying it on your phone. All these experiments were conducted and concluded by

First of all, you have to keep two phones, one can support China ROM and the second can support Global ROM. Now upgrade these ROMs to the latest version to get access to MIUI 14 features.

In this experiment, they used the Redmi K20 Pro (China ROM) and Xiaomi 12T Pro (Global ROM). Xiaomi 12T was running on the latest MIUI 14 based on Android 13 with a version number V14.0.7.0.TLFEUXM.

How to Get Animal & Plant Widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM

Add any animal & plant widget to the home screen of the device has MIUI 14 China ROM as follows.

Then tap on the Mi Cloud section in Settings. Take a home screen backup.

Now login into your Global ROM device with the same Mi account. Go to your setting and restore the home screen backup from Mi cloud to your MIUI 14 Global ROM smartphone. The download will take some time.

MIUI 14 global animal widgets

It will take some time after completion will are able to use the animal & plant widget in your Global ROM. Use this process to transfer the feature. Currently, there are six widgets is available, Cat, Dog, Fish, and others are plant-based.

MIUI 14 global animal widgets

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