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Mi File Manager App

Xiaomi provides all kinds of pre-installed apps on their phones to make things easy for their users. One of the most important apps is the Mi File Manager app.

What is Mi File Manager App?

This app is very useful in managing all types of files like images, videos, documents, apk, music, and others.

When we open this app we see two separate ways, first provides specific data like images, videos, docs, music, apk, download, and more. We easily access these data or do other things like copy, paste, share, rename, delete, etc.

On the other side of the file manager, it shows all the folders present in the storage, some are our default, and others are created due to the installation of apps. We can manage that data too.

[June 14, 2023]

Mi File Manager app is now grabbing a June 2023 update which can identify by the build number V1-210567 and its updated package size is 20.1 MB. This build is limited to Global ROM.

It fixes some bugs as well as boosts performance & optimizations of the manager app, besides no additional changes or features are mentioned in the changelog.

  • Mi File Manager V1-210567 – Download


  1. Fixed some known bugs.
  2. Boosted overall performance.

[April 25, 2023]

A new update for Mi File Manager App has been released with firmware version V4.5.0.1 bringing a few bug fixes and its download file size is around 17.2 MB. This firmware is accessible on All ROMs including China but in some cases may not work on Global ROM.

According to the official log, no further changes are part of this update but it fixes some bugs as well as includes optimization and performance improvements.

  • Mi File Manager V4.5.0.1 – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[April 02, 2023]

Xiaomi has rolled out the latest update to Mi File Manager App which comes with build number V1-210568 and its package size is about 23.3 MB.

No major details are mentioned in the official log but the new update increases the overall performance and stability of the app as well as fixes a few known bugs affecting the user experience.

  • Mi File Manager V1-210568 (Global) – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements

[March 13, 2023]

The March 2023 update for the Mi File Manager app is now available that is identified via firmware version V1-210567 and its package download size is 20.1 MB. This build is currently working for Global users.

As usual, besides fixing some known bugs of the previous version to enhance the performance of the app, no other changes are mentioned in the update log.

  • MIUI File Manager App V1-210567 (Global) – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[February 13, 2023]

Xiaomi creates updates for all types of apps. To keep their working stable and improved these updates are necessary. Now Mi File Manager got a new update with version number V4.4.6.0 and its file size is 18.7 MB.

According to the changelog, Previous bugs have been fixed that improve performance.

  • MIUI File Manager App V4.4.6.0 – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[January 05, 2023]

Mi File Manager App is updated to the latest version and comes with firmware version V4.4.4.8 for Chinese users. Its download package size is around 18.6 MB. Apart from, fixing some bugs and general performance improvement no other changes are part of this update.

  • MIUI File Manager App V4.4.4.8 – Download


  1. Bug fixes.

[November 23, 2022]

Mi File Manager app starts receiving a new update identified via build version V1-210554. Its package size is around 22.0 MB. Going by changelog, the update increases smoothness, fixes previous version bugs, and improves performance. Besides, no other changes are mentioned in the changelog.

  • Mi File Manager V1-210554 – Download


  1. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[October 30, 2022]

Xiaomi has started to roll out the new update to File Manager App that comes with firmware number V4.4.0.9 and weighs 18.1 MB. The update brings a new user interface and fixes some bugs.

  • MIUI File Manager App V4.4.0.9 – Download


  1. New User Interface (UI).

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Mi File Manager App

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