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MIUI 15 Expected Features

Xiaomi one of the most renowned mobile manufacturers across the globe is working on its upcoming MIUI skin. In this article, we will talk about the MIUI 15 expected features in detail.

Recently, MIUI 15 appeared on the Mi source code which indicates that the next version of MIUI by Xiaomi is in the development stage and is likely to release in the next few months.

MIUI 15 Expected Features

Redesigned Camera Interface

One of the major areas of the device is the camera, With the previous version of MIUI, Xiaomi doesn’t provide any significant changes to the camera. Now, Xiaomi users are expecting further enhancement in the camera experience with MIUI 15.

The redesigned camera interface goal is to provide an overall better user experience. It will be designed in a way that allows the user to have one-handed control, in some particular areas such as accessing shooting mode faster, customizing settings as well as managing photos and videos.

Lock Screen and Always On Display (AOD) Customizations

With MIUI 15, Xiaomi may provide better-customized options for the lock screen and always. In the previous version of MIUI, the company didn’t make any big changes to the lock screen design but the user is now expecting new with this area.

If that comes true, then the user will be able to customize their lock screen as per their liking. It could bring different options. Similar changes may be possible in Always-On Display (AOD) that will allow users to have better control over customized options for their device display.

Removal of 32-bit Apps Support

Another major change that may take place with MIUI 15 is the removal of support for 32-bit apps. As per the company’s point of view, 32-bit apps could be a cause for issues in performance and a negative effect on system stability. Hence, MIUI 15 is likely to support 64-bit apps only. These changes may lead to many older devices not being compatible with MIUI 15 because these models could not support 64-bit apps.

Android 14-Based OS

MIUI 15 may be based on the Android 14 platform. Android 14 will include lots of changes to devices such as improving performance, better security, and some new features. With these, MIUI 15 will provide a smoother and better performance.


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MIUI 15 Expected Features

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