Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Android 14 Update Tracker

Android 14 is the 14th major operating system by Google, it’s a successor of Android 13. It will bring a larger font size, support for native app cloning, exact alarm permission, a health connect app, and more. Through this article, we are sharing an Android 14 update tracker so users can understand, how many steps it takes before a stable version

Android 14 is going to be known as ‘Upside Down Cake’. Its name clearly suggests its feature, where toppings are on the bottom and baked cakes are on the top. It also came in a desert category.

Android 14 Update Tracker

[May 26, 2023]

Now Android 14 Beta 2.1 update is released for pixels devices to resolve the previous issues. Read More Here

[May 11, 2023]

Now, Google has released Android 14 Beta 2 for its Pixel smartphones. This incremental Beta quality release is more stable for testing. Read More Here

Now Xiaomi has also begun receiving an Android 14 beta update for some of its devices. Read More Here

[May 05, 2023]

Xiaomi has begun the Android 14 testing for a few devices, and users are expecting major changes from a new Android 14 OS. Read More Here

[April 26, 2023]

Android 14 Beta 1.1 patch is now released to Pixel devices, bringing several fixes and improvements. Read More Here

[April 12, 2023]

The first beta version of Android 14 is now available for Pixel phones, you can install the beta version by joining the Android beta program. Read More Here

[March 08, 2023]

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is out now bringing support for allowing apps to access only select photos and videos, or access to all of them, or no access at all. Read More Here

[February 08, 2023]

Good news for every Android user, the Android 14 developer preview 1 is released for Pixel devices with lots of new features and improvements. Read More Here

Google Android 14 Update Timeline

Schedule for release of Android 14 by Google. Two developer previews were released in February and March after that the first beta update was available for users earlier this year, following a beta 2.1 rollout announced for pixel devices on May 25th. This should follow with some betas in the upcoming months and the OS should reach the Platform Stability milestone somewhere in Q3 of 2023. The final stable rollout should follow in late Q3, which could be around August or September of this year.

Android 14 Update Tracker

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