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Android 14 Update Tracker

Android 14 is the 14th major operating system by Google, it’s a successor of Android 13. It will bring a larger font size, support for native app cloning, exact alarm permission, a health connect app, and more. Through this article, we are providing an Android 14 update tracker where users can understand the current status of the latest operating system, New features, supported devices, and how many steps it takes before a stable version.

Android 14 is going to be known as ‘Upside Down Cake’. Its name clearly suggests its feature, where toppings are on the bottom and baked cakes are on the top. It also came in a desert category.

Android 14 Update Tracker

[July 14, 2023]

Google has announced Android 14 Beta 4 for its Pixel devices including lots of bug fixes and some new features. Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold got this update for the first time. Read More Here

[June 17, 2023]

As we know Google has released the Android 14 Beta 3.1 update for its Pixel devices with some bug fixes. Read More Here

[June 09, 2023]

The company finally released the Android 14 Beta 3 for its Pixel smartphones. Google Pixel 7a got this update for the first time. Read More Here

[May 26, 2023]

Now Android 14 Beta 2.1 update is released for pixels devices to resolve the previous issues. Read More Here

[May 11, 2023]

Now, Google has released Android 14 Beta 2 for its Pixel smartphones. This incremental Beta quality release is more stable for testing. Read More Here

[April 26, 2023]

Android 14 Beta 1.1 patch is now released to Pixel devices, bringing several fixes and improvements. Read More Here

[April 12, 2023]

The first beta version of Android 14 is now available for Pixel phones, you can install the beta version by joining the Android beta program. Read More Here

[March 08, 2023]

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is out now bringing support for allowing apps to access only select photos and videos, or access to all of them, or no access at all. Read More Here

[February 08, 2023]

Good news for every Android user, the Android 14 developer preview 1 is released for Pixel devices with lots of new features and improvements. Read More Here

New Android 14 Features

Easter Egg

Easter Egg finds within an Android 14 Beta 4 update. After launching the easter egg, users will see the NASA-style logo of Android 14, by a long press on the logo starts the game with a small spaceship located in the center of the display. However, the easter egg is currently limited to devices that run on Android 14 Beta 4 but expect to roll out with a stable release.

New charging indicator

Android 14 Beta 3 has a new pop-up charging animation for the battery icon when you put the phone on charging. It only appears for a short while and gives a new look.

Lookscreen Customization

Android 14 Beta 3 brings Google’s promised lock screen customization. There are 9 clock options to choose from, each adapted to the AOD. You can also choose their color and brightness, as well as whether they are dynamically sized or small (in a single line on the top left).

App Pair

This feature was spotted in Android 14 Beta 2 via Mishaal Rahman and is still in the testing phase. It needs more polish. According to the source, you will be able to add app pair shortcuts that you use on a regular basis on your home screen.

Device As Webcam

Now with the latest information, Google is working on a new feature of Android 14 that is going to be handy for PC users because it makes a device camera work as a webcam and it could be introduced in MIUI 15 in the future.

New back arrow for gesture navigation

A noticeable improvement came in Android 14 is the back arrow. When your gesture navigation is enabled in the phone, you will see this arrow while swiping from left or right. This arrow is present in the bubble.

Heath Connect

Android 14 gives users more control of their data by introducing Health Connect. This feature allows users to control what share data between different apps. It will be helpful in restricting data abuse.

Magic Compose (Upcoming)

A Google massage service called Magic Compose works on generative Al. It offers suggestions regarding the context and you can even change the writing styles.

Notification flashes

This feature is very useful for the differently abled or having hearing problems. It turns the camera flash and screens a notification flash to alert users.

New Find My Device (Upcoming)

This feature has gone through a transformation and came up with a new UI. It’s more capable than the previous one, it allows users to locate their smartphone and accessories through different Android devices connected to the network.

Improved Camera and Battery

Android 14 is more efficient so it is going to improve battery life.

Lock Screen customization (Upcoming)

This feature is more customizable to present more lock screen options for the users.

Photo Picker

It is a security enhancer feature that allows users to select the photos they like to show. Previously, only two options were there like, All photos and Don’t allow.

Tracker Prevention and Alerts

Google and Apple worked together to provide better privacy and focused on implementing Tracker Prevention alerts. If any unidentified tracker will keep an eye on you then this feature will notify you about it.

App Cloning (Upcoming)

Normally you can access a single account in any app at a time but this feature allows users to create an identical app to access it with a different login. Previously users have to download a third-party app to perform this task but now it’s available in Android 14.

Android 14 Supported Devices

Android 14 Beta update is available for select devices, we have listed the model of different brands below.


  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 5a
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7
  • Pixel 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet


  • IQOO 11


  • Oneplus 11


  • Vivo X90 Pro


  • Oppo Find N2
  • Oppo Find N2 Flip


  • Realme GT Pro


  • Xiaomi 12T
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro
  • Xiaomi Pad 6


  • Lenovo Tab Extreme (WiFi)


  • Nothing Phone 1


  • Techno Camon 20 Series

Android 14 Update Schedule

Timeline for the release of Android 14 by Google. Two developer previews were rolled out in February and March after that the first beta update was available for users on April 12, 2023, following a beta 2 out for pixel devices on May 10th. This shows some betas rollouts take place in June, and July 2023. The OS should reach the Platform Stability milestone somewhere in Q3 of 2023. The final stable release should follow in late Q3, which could be around August or September of this year.

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Android 14 Update Tracker

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